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Sorry for the wait but lots more on the way. Ash Cash a real dick taker so I let my boy Jaxx tear it up. She started off with some good throat and then it was on and poppin. Jaxx didn't waist no time getting to the guts. Man he fucked her like he just came out of Good shit right here.
Found this one in my 2015 archives when Tapout Was the Queen for real. She took on 3 of us with no problem. We was fucking fire out of her, putting our all into it, lol and she took the dicks like nothing. They don't call her Tapout for nothing. She need to come back and do another one
Yall know I got that Amari Gold stash. The never ending's an early session when MD and Brick use to train that ass. She could only do anal that day so we both tapped her out nice. This only the 1st part. The whole thing is over 2 hours of fucking. How yall think she became what she is, we trained her right
Red Alert!! We got the slut Sasha Ivy takin the biggest dick she ever took in her life courtesy of BK Brick. He didn't hold back getting up in them guts hard and deep. Sasha being the slut that she is, she takes every inch until he nuts on her. Sasha wanted the dick and got more than she bargained for