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A classic video I thought i lost. Was filmed 3 years ago whn me and Lalola use to fuck all the time..on camera of course, but we fucked.  She was at my old spot in this vid and made her squirt for the 1st time. Bet I'm the only nigga in porn to make her squirt..lol.  But yeah we had a good fuck session with a nice creampie ending. She can take some dick for real so it was no problem getting tht nut off@@
Long story short she emailed me and wanted to get dogged the fuck out. She's 5 feet nice fat ass and loves to fuck but she didn't know what she was in for with BK Brick, oh boy I bet this fuck changed her life.  You already know how he get down from the Ebony Lust video, well it gets better because he beat the brakes off this outta town pussy.  She was left dripping with a thick creampie . A true Dog Out
You might remember her as Carmen but I got her name mixed up with her friend's name, her name is Erica and she came for that dick taking lesson.  She was dressed nice for daddy to pound her out, and yall already know how we get down on this side of things.  Wasn't no difference for her, we got right to them guts  and stayed in them.  She got a nice sweet slim body thats good for that dog out. I even gave her a special treat..
Yall gots to see this shit. Honey Dizzle returns with BK Brick, and boy o boy it was a site to see.  You already know how she gets down and she dont back down. But my man Brick puts that pain in, and pulled no punches on this one, not holding back at all, straight in wreck mode, but Honey took it like a champ and came out alive..lol. Good aggressive fucking on this one..Brick the man now.