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She came back for the BK Brick challenge and she almost couldn't do it.  Took him awhile to get in her, we had to prep that pussy to be opened up. But once it was open Brick put it down on her for as long as she could take it. Love to see them troopers who takes it at all costs and she is one of them, another classic scene..
Here's another rare and exclusive video from the infamous Alex Monroe.  This time for the first time she takes on 3 BBCs the hard way. Pussy and ass fucking all night long. Boy I tell ya she's a real trooper because the boyz did not let up on her.  But in the end everyone was pleased after she got 3 loads on her. Such a good girl. who knows if we will get more of her.
Cocoa Kiss aint new to this fucking thing, she appeared on the scene under another name, but now after all that dick taking she's back with a new attitude and nympho like qualities.  Dudes just straight wrecked the pussy for almost 2 hours.  Shetook some real hard back shots and much more. Good to have her back in the camp for dudes to dog out
Yep she came to fuck with a sore pussy from the night before. Claimed some big dick trick fucked her up, but she stil came, unbelievable. Si you can just imagine how much trouble I had gettin this nut off.  She tried her best to accomodate the dick but it was alot of jumping and screams.  I have know idea how we got through this but I got that nut off.  Very interesting scene