Now this was an official bang out right here, 2 young sluts from Mississippi came up for some NYC dick. They got exactly what they came foe. My man Turk did them dirty and tore the pussy up.  Both bitches got dicked down and was in awe of Big dick.  Watch these 2 sluts slurp on dick and take dick all night. One even squirts.  Very entertaining and slightly bizzare get together.  You will see for yourself
Here's more unreleased footage from Egypt. She was 19 at the time of this and sexy as fuck.  Turk got her up from a nap with dick sitting right in her face.  Before you know it she suckin that shit like a real nasty bitch.  Turk was like, sup wit that pussy, and it was on from there on.  She defintely cant handle no dick and he didn't hold back an inch. She had no choice but to take it. Great footage if you like those
Here's more unreleased footage from Egypt. She was 19 at the time of this and sexy as fuck.  Turk got her up from a nap with dick sitting right in her face.  Before you know it she suckin that shit like a real nasty bitch.  Turk was like, sup wit that pussy, and it was on from there on.  She defintely cant handle no dick and he didn't hold back an inch. She had no choice but to take it. Great footage if you like those
Vickie is a special case. From the day I met her she was very consistent with her slutty submissive ways.   She's dirty, nasty and filthy when it comes to pleasing dick. She loves gangbangs and cum down her throat and dick up her ass and thats what we gave her on this night.Me and 2 of my boys opened her up real good. SHe was a good girl and accomodated all of us in every hole and swallowed every drop. Vickie was always a champ.
Me and Egypt use to get it in and then she just dissapeared. But before that I use to pop that lil pussy every other week.  SHe couldn't handle dick and I love those types, so I had my way with her.  Banged that shit out hard and deep as shit.  You see that nut I left on that ass. Kudos to this classic shit right here
My slim jawn use to come allthe way from DC to give up that ass and pussy and you know I accepted all of it.  We havent fucked in awhile and she came ready and willing, but she was tight as shit in every hole.  I had to really pry her open slow. She gave up the ass but it took a lil time to get in there.  She tried her best to give that ass to daddy even though it was hurting her.  I ended leaving a nice load in her sore pussy..
Another classic slut Lauren Kush always gave that fire. She was 19 at the time of filming most of her videos and wet as hell.  We use to take turns on that pussy and nut all in her.  This was one of the 1st videos she did when we broke her in.  Unreleased until now Jay Stone put a hurtin on that pussy and punded her ass out good.  Official dogout material right here..
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Alex Monroe is another one of a kind girl.  She's different in alot of ways. Very sweet and knowledgeable and has a serious anal fetish.  She's not into sucking dick but more into taking dick. MD and Mr Jay did the honors in this 1st part of opening up her ass.  There's 80% anal in this video, just the way she likes it.  Lets welcome her to her new home, got plenty of footage of her.
You dont run int o girls like Blu Mere that often. She is a freak to her name and can literally fuck for hours without tapping out.  Mack Steele and another BBC put her to the ultimate test one night and she passed with flying colors.  She was made for sport fucking, and this is only pt.1
Honey Dizzle is official when it comes to sport fucking, she takes dick hard and deep.  2 guys took turns on her, doing everything possible to tap her out but she stayed in the game and took it like a champ. Now we usually get together on the weekend and tear her up. The offiicial Team Dirty Mascot
Isis is one of a kind, young,and real. She's loves to fuck and suck and I caught some of my best footage fuckin with her. She was in love with Turk for a minute and always wanted to do scenes with her. we use to get a room and dog her out all night long literally until I ran out of space on my camera.Check out the 1st part of this dog out
I know yall been waiting for pt 2 of this fire update, well here it is. Blu gets tossed around by Mack steele and fucked hard until he's done.  She was a trooper for this one, taking all 11 inches for a lengthy amount of time. There's actually a pt 3 but I'm not sure if I'll put it out, it was brutal.  But enjoy this grand finale, and way more surprises to come.
Aw man one of the best anal sluts around. She's just awesome. Me and my boy Mr Jay finished her off with 2 creampies up the ass. Only a real nast chick can do what she did. We ravaged her ass hole with pure bbc and nothing to spare. Left her ass wide open and gaped as well as filled to the brim.  This is a must see, so dont miss out!!
Dam another fire update for yall. Trina Throat has arrived in the industry and is taking it by storm one dick at a time. Here she has her 1st ever throat bang with 3 guys. They all fucked her throat real nice.  She has a very deep throat and good stamina so they did her in nice. She recieved a few nuts as a reward for her service. But dam look out for this girl..Sheesh!!
Got another banger for yall this month. Lil Carmen is 19 with a nice lil body and some tight ass pussy. I had to break her into the game with a real back breaking fuck. She told me she could take dick so I accepted the challenge. Turns out she can but not my I got deep in them guts and had her running everywhere. Got much more coming from her and her friends. Stay tuned
Cant believe Isis and Turk locked up. 2 of the Best to ever do it. Damn.  But anyway here's the rest of the footage of Isis and her night of constant fucking. She took dick after dick up her ass pussy and mouth. I mean she was non stop and let niggas do what they wanna do. My man Turk tore her asshole up good. She takes it like a real bitch. Hopefully they both get out soon.
Here's one that came and went. She was a fan from out of state that wanted a real fuck. She got way more than she bargained for. We shot one video without a mask and I really broke her pussy in. She decided she didn't want her face out there so we shot another one and finished the job.  She got fucked rough and hard all up in her guts until she got in a fetal position. Said she never got fucked like that and her pussy was never the same.
One of my personal favorites Alex Monroe returns this time with 11 inch Mack Steele for a good hard fuck. My man Mack didn't hold back on her at all. He went deep in her ass and pussy until she creamed and screamed. You guys already know how she likes it. We use to dog her out but Mack never got a chance until now. Defintely classic dog out material right here.
My boy Jack Hammer came through with this slim freak awhile back.  She wanted to get some real dick as she said. I was like ok lets see what up.  We fucked the dog shit out of her but she was real quiet taking the dick.  Making all kinds of faces but real quiet.  I know I hit them guts up a few times and she had to tap out for a quick minute.  But all in all me and my boy dogged her out real good..
Here's some old ass footage of me and Lalola Klitz, when I use to have my (lost that shit) We use have our meets ups to make some videos and fuck hard.  But this time was a lil too hard. At one point in the video she hauls off and clock me right in the jaw for digging in her too deep. Hey I took it like a man and still manage to creampie that pussy. Exclusive shit right here.
More older footage from the lost tapes which features Tiyanna Lee and MD.  We use to have lots of sessions then she went MIA.  But while she was around I use to dog that pussy out on a regular.  Nice slim pretty thang.  She acted like she couldn't take dick but I know dam well she can, so I shoved it in her guts multiple times. Her commentary is hilarious.  Good shit!!
Here's a soon to be classic with Blu Mere and Honey Dizzle. They teamed on to take on 11 inch Mack steele and this shit was crazy.  They both give him a real nice blowjob swapping spit and deepthroating. Then it was time for some fucking. Blu got Honey ready by eating her pussy, and Mack got right to work. This is only part 1 and it got crazy already. Wait till yall see pt.2
Here's a soon to be classic with Blu Mere and Honey Dizzle. They teamed on to take on 11 inch Mack steele and this shit was crazy.  They both give him a real nice blowjob swapping spit and deepthroating. Then it was time for some fucking. Blu got Honey ready by eating her pussy, and Mack got right to work. This is only part 1 and it got crazy already. Wait till yall see pt.2
Onyxx is new to the scene but she has caused quite a stir.  You can only find her under dirty vision productions as of now, so her shit is super exclusive.  I was training her before on on how to take dick and deepthroat and it kinda paid off. My man Mr.jay did the honors of breaking her in and she took every inch and swallowed his whole load.  A few tap outs but a good fuck. Lots more of her to come.
The grand finale and what a night it was. Seems like they was fucking forever.  Shit got crazier by the minute when they started eating eachother taking turns taking 11 inches.  Blu was running from the dick and honey dizz took it like a champ, you aint seen nothing like this. Authentic thot fucking at your service.  Soon to be classic
Straight outta Chicago we found this 105 pound freak, who takes a beating.  Mr jay and MD did the honors of literally breaking shorty in. We gave it our all on this one and she stood the test of time.  Her throat is deep as shit and so is her pussy.  She got pounded till the cows came home and took it well. She swallowed a load and took one deep in her pussy.  She is the true definition of a dog out.  She wanted to remain anonymous, but great at what she does.
Ebony Lust gets around. She go from dick to dick with no problem, but after some good training sessions behind the scenes with my crew, she's ready for anything. With that being said I had to bring in some new blood for her. 12 1/2 inches of pure pain, Lets welcome Brick to the Game. He gets down like a nigga that just came home. Watch how he dog her out with the poundout game. SHe got crazy for his 1st scene..
Another piece of good pussy that got away. Miss Milan came through almost 2 yrs ago and she was the shit.  This is actually her audition video where I broke her in lovely. She couldn't tke dick when she came in the industry but quickly learned. Unfortunaely she's on lockdown now like jail. so hopefully she comes home soon for that daddy dick down..enjoy this one!!
A classic video I thought i lost. Was filmed 3 years ago whn me and Lalola use to fuck all the time..on camera of course, but we fucked.  She was at my old spot in this vid and made her squirt for the 1st time. Bet I'm the only nigga in porn to make her  But yeah we had a good fuck session with a nice creampie ending. She can take some dick for real so it was no problem getting tht nut off@@
Long story short she emailed me and wanted to get dogged the fuck out. She's 5 feet nice fat ass and loves to fuck but she didn't know what she was in for with BK Brick, oh boy I bet this fuck changed her life.  You already know how he get down from the Ebony Lust video, well it gets better because he beat the brakes off this outta town pussy.  She was left dripping with a thick creampie . A true Dog Out
You might remember her as Carmen but I got her name mixed up with her friend's name, her name is Erica and she came for that dick taking lesson.  She was dressed nice for daddy to pound her out, and yall already know how we get down on this side of things.  Wasn't no difference for her, we got right to them guts  and stayed in them.  She got a nice sweet slim body thats good for that dog out. I even gave her a special treat..
Yall gots to see this shit. Honey Dizzle returns with BK Brick, and boy o boy it was a site to see.  You already know how she gets down and she dont back down. But my man Brick puts that pain in, and pulled no punches on this one, not holding back at all, straight in wreck mode, but Honey took it like a champ and came out Good aggressive fucking on this one..Brick the man now.
As we move forward in this dogout series we bring back a fan favorite and one of her last videos where she takes on 2 dicks up that ass.  Mr Jay and MD did the honors of stetching her wide.  She was initiated by us and was a good girl to us for a long time. This is some classic shit nothing recent, but shit is fire.  She takes dick for almost 2 hours and gets a nice anal creampie plus some. Alwaya a good sport and good fuck.
Got that straight fire once again and some new pussy to be broken in. Who better to call but BK Brick to test out these new comers. 19 yr old Lotus came and thought she was ready. I'll let you be the judge but she did a dam good job.  Brick was on point and the smash game was A1. Pounded her sweet slim ass out until she was squirting every minute.  Another classic .
Yall already know I got that mega stash and here's one from the archives.  Blu Mere and Honey Dizzle back at it again. This time Blu was the fluff and lube girl and Honey got the shit fucked out of her by 1 BBC's.  They get real nasty like real freaks do. Blu kept her pussy wet for guys to fuck her silly.  Blu was lucky that night because Honey took all the dick..Another classic, dont miss this one
You seen Trina deepthroat the biggest dicks but I bet you never seen her take it up the ass, well at least attempt to. This was the 1st time she did anal so it got a lil messy, but hey she tried and she can take it.  She had to finish him off with a 25 minute BJ but it was all worth it. Next time we will get a full anal scene with her, but for now enjoy this tidbit of Trina's ass fuck
Yep I found this on a hard drive that just got repaired. Priness Isis the 19 yr old anal queen is back with her favorite BBC Big Turk.  She takes alot of dick for her small frame and Turk didn't hold back an inch.  After a bery lengthy fuck in all holes he left a giant load up her ass, just the way she likes it. If you like them gut digging fucks, here's a perfect one.
Niggas dont get tired of fucking this lil freak every. Miss Hony Dizzle is back with a quickie. 2 guys wanted to fucked so she did both at the same time. Dudes really be pounding her out and she takes it like a pro until she cant take it.  They took turns and she gave it up lovely.  Always good to have a dog out session with her, I know yall will enjoy this one
Sorry for the delay but alot been going on..only if you knew. Well anyway back with some fire for Yall. Anika Anal is in the building with my man Mr Jay. What a match up on thsi one. She took it up the ass and only the ass. Jay really stretched her out and had her screaming for her Sent her home with a sore ass for sure. She got that deep throat and deep ass now. Classic
Here's another rare and exclusive video from the infamous Alex Monroe.  This time for the first time she takes on 3 BBCs the hard way. Pussy and ass fucking all night long. Boy I tell ya she's a real trooper because the boyz did not let up on her.  But in the end everyone was pleased after she got 3 loads on her. Such a good girl. who knows if we will get more of her.
She came back for the BK Brick challenge and she almost couldn't do it.  Took him awhile to get in her, we had to prep that pussy to be opened up. But once it was open Brick put it down on her for as long as she could take it. Love to see them troopers who takes it at all costs and she is one of them, another classic scene..
Yep she came to fuck with a sore pussy from the night before. Claimed some big dick trick fucked her up, but she stil came, unbelievable. Si you can just imagine how much trouble I had gettin this nut off.  She tried her best to accomodate the dick but it was alot of jumping and screams.  I have know idea how we got through this but I got that nut off.  Very interesting scene
Cocoa Kiss aint new to this fucking thing, she appeared on the scene under another name, but now after all that dick taking she's back with a new attitude and nympho like qualities.  Dudes just straight wrecked the pussy for almost 2 hours.  Shetook some real hard back shots and much more. Good to have her back in the camp for dudes to dog out